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Rosacea Treatment and Reduction

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition characterized often by facial redness, blushing, bumps, and sometimes swelling. Rosacea treatment is highly effective with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treating the fine blood vessels reducing the tissue overgrowth and redness.

People with Rosacea often suffer from enlarged, swollen pores, visible veins, sensitive skin, and blemishes which are sometimes mistaken for acne.

With Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), we deliver targeted light energy to heat the upper layers of skin and as the heat is absorbed by these targeted areas, it will stimulate the skin cells to generate new collagen. Rosacea usually does not improve or resolve on its own, and untreated can worsen over time.

Looking to dimish your symptoms of Rosacea and skin redness?

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    • I thought at my age I was stuck with those deep, sagging facial lines.  I can hardly believe what a difference it made after just a few skin tightening sessions.  I now even get comments on my youthful, glowing skin.  I’m so thankful I found Cresthaven Laser.  Not only am I getting amazing results, But, […]

      —Fran S. Bedford

    • I no longer avoid looking at my legs.  I’m still shocked that I not only lost inches but, I lost that horrible cottage cheese that I was so embarrassed about.  Thanks to Cresthaven Laser, my confidence has increased and I feel so much better about wearing a bathing suit.

      —Wendy M. Sackville

    • I had a huge amount of embarrassing facial hair when I started going to Cresthaven Laser and now I can’t believe it, it’s all gone!  Now I’m working on having my underarms and bikini hair less as well.  It is so easy and painless; my goal is eventually to be completely free of all my […]

      —Alison R. Halifax

    • Thanks to Jennalee at Cresthaven Laser, I cannot believe the difference in how great my skin looks. I had so much hyper pigmentation that I was convinced I would never feel good about going without makeup. Fortunately, I took before and after pictures because the saying that it’s too good to be true is an […]

      —Holly D. Lakeside

    • I am so impressed at how great my skin looks. After years of having countless skin treatments, I was about to give up hope. Now, I can honestly say that through a series of treatments with Debbie at Cresthaven Laser, I no longer have to hide behind makeup! I am still amazed at the clarity […]

      —Maxine R. Hammonds Plains

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